Information for Plenary and Parallel Talk presenters

  • Laptops and projectors will be provided for all lectures.
  • Please transfer your presentation to the conference laptop 10 minutes before the beginning of the session.
  • PDF format is the preferred one. Powerpoint format is acceptable too.
  • In case you would like to use animations it would be better to use your own laptop for the presentation.

Information for Poster presenters

"The poster session is Tuesday, July 12th from 1830 to 2030. Some details for poster presenters:

  1. You must print out your poster BEFORE leaving for the conference and bring it with you. Printing facilities at the conference location are extremely limited and the nearest FedEx/Kinko's is in Reno.
  2. Maximum poster size is 3 feet by 4 feet (0.91m by 1.22m). This is the size of the board you will be tacking your poster to for the session. Any larger and the poster will hang off the edges (which does not look good).
  3. The area for the poster session will be open when you arrive on Sunday, as well as on Monday and Tuesday if you want to put your poster up early. It is recommended that you do so as early as possible just so there isn't a rush of people immediately before the start of the poster session.
  4. Each poster will be assigned a number and you are expected to tack your poster to the board with the corresponding number. This is so the map of the poster session that will come in the registration packets will match the number of your poster and people can then easily find the posters they want to look at.
  5. The poster session is 2 hours long. For those of you that receive odd numbers you should be at your posters for discussions during the first hour, while those receiving even numbers should stand next to their posters during the second hour. This way everyone has time to see the other posters and be found by other attendees for discussions.
  6. Following the poster session, feel free to leave your poster up for people to look at on Wednesday and Thursday. However, all posters must be taken down BEFORE the banquet on Thursday as the space is needed for another event. Any posters remaining at the time of the banquet will be thrown away."
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